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Garbage Into Beautiful Decorations

Turning Garbage Into Beautiful Decorations

3 Questions to Help You Assess the Security of Your Roller Garage Door

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Roller garage doors are very popular because of several reasons, such as their ease of use. However, care needs to be taken to ensure that intruders never find it easy to break into your home through the garage door. This article discusses three questions that you should ask yourself in order to assess how easily intruders may breach your roller garage door. Did You Change the Factory Settings? Roller garage doors usually have remote control units that enable family members to get access into the home by entering the correct code into the door opener remote unit. However, some homeowners make the mistake of leaving the door opener with the factory settings. Such roller doors are more vulnerable to intruders because the factory-programmed code may be easier to guess when it is compared to a code that is programmed by the homeowner. Decrease the vulnerability of your roller door by resetting the access code to something harder to guess. What Do You Do to the Motor Before Leaving on a Trip? It is advisable to unplug the motor of the garage door opener before you leave your home for long, such as when you are going on vacation. This precaution is necessary because the roller door will not be electronically operable while you are away. Intruders with devices that try several door opener codes in order to open your garage door will find it hard to open your garage door if the motor is unplugged. You can use the main entry door to enter your house in order to plug the motor back into its power source when you return. How Easily Can the Emergency Lever Be Reached? How low does the emergency release lever on your roller garage door hang? Intruders may attempt to use that lever by inserting a thin object, such as a coat hanger, into a gap in the garage door. It is therefore advisable to tie the lever off using a zip tie or a thin wire. You may also tie the lever to the carriage assembly so that it is harder to reach that lever from outside the garage. This precaution will make it harder for an intruder to open your roller garage door by using an object to pull the lever. Roller door manufacturers usually provide guidelines that homeowners can use to secure their roller garage doors. Use the tips above as additional measures to the measures suggested by the door manufacturer. Consult roller door suppliers for additional help in case you are not satisfied with the current level of safety offered by your roller garage...

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How To Transform Unwanted Timber Plantation Shutters Into A Gorgeous, Decorative Herb Planter

Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Transform Unwanted Timber Plantation Shutters Into A Gorgeous, Decorative Herb Planter

When it’s time to replace your old timber plantation shutters, why not try converting them into a gorgeous herb planter to take pride of place on your patio?  Herbs not only look decorative, they smell great too! This is an easy project that can be completed in a few hours. What you’ll need 4 thin wooden plantation shutters a square, plastic plant tray (with drainage holes) a selection of herbs compost fine gravel sandpaper (coarse and fine grain) wood stain paint brush wire wool stiff brush wood glue Everything you need for this project can be sourced from a good DIY and garden store. How to do it Your first job is to clean the old shutters to get rid of any clinging dirt and flaky paint.  The quickest way to do this is to go over the shutters with a stiff brush, and then use some wire wool to rub off any loose paint flakes.   To shift any remaining paint, take a piece of coarse sandpaper and rub down the whole shutter, making sure that you cover each slat, including underneath and into the corners.   When the paint is all gone, go over the shutters again using the fine grained sandpaper.  This will leave the wood nice and smooth, helping to ensure good coverage with the wood stain.   Now you need to stain the shutters with wood stain.  If you can, hang the shutters somewhere where they can hang freely so that you can get to every nook and cranny.  This also helps the shutters to dry more quickly.   Allow the shutters to dry completely, and then apply another coat of wood stain if you want to.   Next, put the shutters together to form a box shape and glue the sides together with strong wood glue.  When the glue is dry, place a shallow, plastic plant tray inside the shutter box to form the bottom of the planter and glue it into place.   Place the planter in its final position before planting it up; it will be very heavy when filled with planting medium and you won’t be able to shift it very easily!   Fill the planter half-full with an equal-parts mixture of fine gravel and general purpose compost.    Adjust the shutter slats so that there’s just enough space to slot the herb roots through to rest on the compost mix.  Put two or three herb plants into each side of the shutter planter and top it up with compost and gravel to within a few centimetres of the top.  Re-adjust the shutter slats to help keep the plants in place.  Water well.   Plant the remaining herbs in the top of the planter and water the whole thing again.   Remember to water the planter each day, and more frequently in periods of very warm weather. As the herbs grow, they will cascade down over the sides of the planter, filling your patio with scent and providing you with delicious fresh seasoning for your kitchen...

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How To Keep Legionella Out Of Your Solar Hot Water System

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Legionella is a bacterium that can cause the potentially fatal condition, Legionnaire’s disease.  Legionnaire’s disease affects the sufferer’s respiratory system and is similar to pneumonia.  It’s particularly dangerous for the elderly, young babies and those whose immune system is already weakened by an existing medical condition.  But what has your new solar hot water system got to do with legionella and Legionnaire’s disease?  Read on for some important information. Legionella and your solar hot water system The legionella bacterium lives in water, but is spread through the air.  The ideal water temperature required for this nasty bug to thrive needs to be between 250C and 450C.  But if the bacteria are airborne, can they get into your lungs and cause Legionnaire’s disease? The most common means of airborne legionella transmission is through the inhalation of the fine mist of water particles that is produced when you take a shower.  Another possible method of infection is through using a garden hose that’s connected to the hot water supply, for example when washing your car. How to kill the legionella bacteria in your hot water system Legionella can be easily killed by increasing the water temperature to around 600C.  You only need to raise the temperature to this level for a few minutes in order to despatch the bugs so the process should be relatively simple.  However, when sunlight levels are lower, for example during the winter and autumn months, the solar collectors in your system might only be able to elevate water temperatures to a maximum of around 450C, which is clearly not hot enough to kill off the legionella bug. Most well-designed solar hot water systems are equipped to boost the solar power income with an alternative heat source so that you’ll still enjoy hot water during sun-starved periods.   The usual way of doing this is by providing an immersion heater or boiler as back-up.  The best way of ensuring that any bacteria in the water are killed-off is to set your alternative water heater to come on every day for an hour in the morning and again in the evening, making sure that the water temperature is increased to a minimum of 600C during these periods.  Your boiler or immersion heater will be equipped with a thermostat.  This means that if your solar hot water system has generated the minimum temperature you’ve demanded, i.e. 600C, your booster system will recognise this and not kick-in. In conclusion You can keep your family safe from the legionella bug and still continue to enjoy the money saving benefits of solar hot water by following the simple guidelines given above.  For more tips and advice, have a chat with your solar hot water system...

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Various Ways LED Grow Lights Would Be Beneficial For Your Indoor Garden

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Various Ways LED Grow Lights Would Be Beneficial For Your Indoor Garden

If you have a green thumb, undoubtedly you have thought of ways to maximise on the sun’s natural lighting in your yard for your plants to flourish. However, with the advancement of technology, this is now becoming a thing of the past. The current trend is to have an indoor garden. One of the most essential things needed when it comes to these indoor gardens is the lighting. Here are some of the various ways LED grow lights would be beneficial for your indoor garden. LED grow lights are not extremely hot The first thing to watch out for when purchasing grow bulbs is that you are not selecting grow lights that will burn too hot. Not only do high temperatures pose a safety hazard, but they are also harmful to the plants that you are trying to grow as they will heat the air around them. Additionally, high heat grow lights need extra expenditure on your part, as you will have to install a cooling system when they become that hot. This is why you should consider LED grow lights. Although LED grow lights will emit some radiant heat, they will never get too hot for easy handling. In addition to that, they tend to cool down at a faster rate, thus not posing any risks to you or your plants. LED grow lights emit the right wavelength for plant growth When purchasing grow lights, you need to ensure that you are choosing grow lights that give out the wavelength that is needed by your plants. In essence, light is made up of numerous wavelengths. The light that you can see is known as visible light. This type of light starts off red in colour on one end of its spectrum and blue on the other end. Plants need both ends of the spectrum to be able to accomplish the different tasks they need to stay alive. LED grow lights will give you all the necessary spectrums of light that are needed by plants ranging from the blue spectrum which they need for the development of leaves to the red spectrum that they need for fruiting and general growth. LED grow lights are energy efficient A large number of light bulbs tend to produce more heat rather than light. What you are looking for are grow lights that will produce more light than heat. For example, take a look at an incandescent lamp. This contraption will use almost all of its energy producing heat instead of light. On the other hand, you have LED grow lights that will make the most of their energy to produce light rather than heat. By conserving the energy, you are going to ensure that your indoor garden is cost...

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Air Conditioning | 4 Problems Associated With Unchecked Dirty Air Filters In Your Air Conditioners

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Air filters are designed to trap pollutants and debris from external air before it enters the room through your cooling unit. Dirty air filters are not only ineffective for purifying the cool air that enters your room, but they could eventually trigger the break down of your entire air conditioning system. This guide is designed to show homeowners the problems that are associated with unchecked dirty air filters in air conditioning units. You will need to replace them as soon as possible to ensure an optimally functioning air conditioning unit once again. Air Pollution  If your air filter is dirty, then it cannot fulfill its purpose of filtering the allergens out of the air in your room. When it clogs beyond its capacity, it will start allowing dust and debris from outside to enter your home. Allergens can combine with other polluting elements to affect your health, which can trigger allergies, sneezing, headaches and respiratory disorders. To prevent this, you must get your dirty air filters cleaned or replaced as soon as possible. Increased Energy Consumption When your air filter is dirty, the fan motor has to work harder to run cool air from your unit. An extra hard working unit will cause more energy to be consumed. Dirty filters cause frost to start building up on the coils because the airflow is restricted. A build up of frost not only increases the load on your air conditioning unit, but it also reduces cooling over time. This will end up propelling your energy bills upwards. Inefficient Cooling A dirty air filter will lead to an inefficient cooling or heating system because of the restricted airflow within the system. When there is not enough air flowing through the system, the refrigerant flowing through the coils does not have enough heat to absorb and can start to freeze up. This freezing up and reduced airflow will cause your entire system to break down if you’re not careful. Uneven Cooling A dirty air filter will cause uneven cooling in your room because of the blocked airflow. You may find some spots cold, while others remain hot. You may also find it difficult to reach your desired cooling temperature inside your room. Cleaning or replacing your air filter may be the only solution for efficient cooling throughout the room.  Air filters should not be taken lightly because they are important components for cooling your room. Based on your manufacturer’s recommendations, you may need to get these air filters changed every once in a while, but this will ensure that your air conditioning unit remains efficient for the long...

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Stained Window Treatments | 4 Guidelines To Prepare Your Wooden Blinds For Staining

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Wooden blinds are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective for keeping the harsh rays of the sun out from the interiors of your room. Over time, these wooden blinds may start to fade or wear out because of sunlight and prolonged operation. Luckily, you don’t have to throw them out. Simple wood staining will restore their near-new look once again. This guide equips you with actionable guidelines to prepare your wooden blinds for staining. Purchase Wood Stain In The Colour You Desire You can get wood stain in any colour you desire at a local home improvement store. You can choose wood stain to match the interiors of your home or to contrast against them depending on your personal preferences. For instance, a contrasting look would be to use dark stain against lighter interiors and vice versa. A contrasting appearance adds dimension to the room, while a blending look creates a homogenous appearance for your window treatments and interiors. Remove The Blinds From The Brackets The easiest way to prepare and stain your blinds is to remove it from the brackets. You can then place them on a flat surface to make it easier for you to work with them. Make sure the surface is not susceptible to damage from your wood staining effort. Alternatively, you can place plastic tarp below the blinds to prevent any damage to your table. Clean The Wooden Blinds Clean the wooden blinds using a damp lint-free cloth to remove dust and grime from the surface. Avoid saturating the blinds with too much water because too much moisture may cause the wood to warp. Wipe the cloth over each slat thoroughly to remove as much as grime, dirt and dust as possible from the surface. Take care not to wipe the surface with too much force because you could potentially damage the slats. Apply Wood Cleaner To Remove Any Stubborn Dirt Specialised wood cleaner is formulated for cleaning and removing stubborn stains from timber surfaces without causing any damage to them. You can easily purchase wood cleaner from a home improvement or interiors store. Wood cleaner is available in liquid form, so you will need to apply some to a lint-free cloth before wiping down the surfaces. Make sure you focus on stubborn stains to remove them from your wooden blinds. Let the wood cleaner dry before applying the stain on the surface of your blinds. Once you follow these preparation steps, you’re ready to apply wood stain on your timber...

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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets are no longer the shelves and drawers used solely for storage. They are now an important tool that can be used to showcase both your personality and sense of style. Kitchen cabinet designs are close to endless, and they all depend on personal preferences and your home’s design. So if you’re performing a home renovation or you wish to have custom-designed kitchen cabinets, there are a few design tips you should have in mind. These are the design ideas that shape the current trends in kitchen cabinetry. Off-White Cabinetry While white cabinets create a light and simple look, you’ll be much better off getting one with a slightly darker shade, particularly if you’ve got a light and airy kitchen. An off-white shade would create a pleasing contrast with the rest of the space. This trend is becoming particularly common now, because the darker shades add visual weight to the kitchen space. You’ll be able to create a wonderful focal point for the room and add that sleek appearance you’ve always wanted. Long-Term Flexibility Cabinet designs are also trending towards simplicity and this can be attributed to long term flexibility. Everyone would want a kitchen that continues to thrive and blend in with whatever is thrown at it. Clean lines on the cabinet and a subtle design makes it a lot easier to upgrade the rest of the kitchen without having to worry about the look afterwards. However, that doesn’t mean that a cabinet needs to be all plain. You can also have quite a number of embellishments to bring out a fantastic finish. These can include carvings and mouldings. However, you need to be careful. Such finishing touches need to be done by experts so as to blend in with the architecture of your home. That way, you’ll benefit in the long term after any upgrade or renovation. Efficiency While the beauty and glamorous appearance is of importance, don’t forget to ensure that the cabinet is perfectly efficient. You don’t want a cabinet with only a built-in rack to place your stuff. Cabinets now have a plethora of storage options all in one. You can now get a cabinet with bread boxes and pull-out trays that effectively utilize the space you’ve got and enable you to store more kitchen cutlery. Some even have narrow gaps at cabinet fronts that can be used to store items such as...

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Buying Teak Furniture? 2 Important Qualities of Teak to Understand

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Wooden furniture is widely used for both indoor and outdoor furniture because its natural look complements most d├ęcor ideas. Teak is particularly strong and can withstand the elements, which makes it ideal for use outdoors. However, this will only be helpful if you understand what to look out for when finding a teak furniture set. Read on to find out. Mode of making Teak furniture sets can be made in three ways: Fully machine-made These are the most expensive sets, owing to the manufacturer’s investment in technology, machinery and stringest quality control procedures. They have perfect structural duplicity for similar furniture items, which means that components of one chair can be fitted into another chair perfectly. Components and joints are precisely cut and perfectly fitted, guaranteeing strength and longevity. Tenon and mortise joints are used where possible, making them a more durable option compared with glue-joined furniture. Semi machine-made These are cut using handheld power tools in a factory, but ultimately joined by hand. The quality of end-product is contingent on experience, skill and training of the carpenters. It takes a high level of skill for a carpenter to be able to give fine-quality products consistently. Handmade As the name suggests, handmade units are created by a carpenter in their yard or other space elsewhere. The advantage is that you can get really unique pieces within a set. However, longevity cannot be assured since such carpenters may lack funds to properly harvest and cure teak before using it for furniture-making. No two pieces can look exactly alike, and inferior joining techniques may be used. If you love the idea of handmade furniture, however, consider having them indoors where they are less exposed to damage from the elements. Choice of Wood Grade A teak Grade A teak is the extremely mature heartwood portion of teak timber. It is consistently honey-coloured, oily to touch, extremely dense, close-grained and filled with protective oils. Depending on where they are grown, the teak-wood may have straight grains or unique curvy grains. As expected, it makes the most expensive furniture, and such sets are naturally impervious to elemental damage. Grade B teak This is the outer heartwood that is semi-mature. Its colour is slightly lighter than Grade A teak, and it has an uneven grain that loses most of its shine when sanded. It is acceptable to have a few knots for this grade. Grade C teak This refers to the outer sections/sapwood of a teak log. Being closest to the living part of the tree, it is much softer. It is most easily damaged, has greater colour variation and contains almost no protective oils. High water content makes for vast colour variations in the timber. Unless properly cured, furniture from Grade C wood will warp and/or split. However, Grade C timber can be used for decorative indoor pieces that will not be exposed to the elements or be used in everyday...

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Types of Lawn Mowers You Can Consider

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The task of keeping your lawn pristine can be either a gruelling chore or a pleasant pastime. This will largely depend on the type of lawn mower you purchase for the work at hand. One of the main things to consider when purchasing a new lawn mower would be the type of power it will use when being operated. Just as with most other equipment, this energy source will come with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the types of lawn mowers that you could consider. Manual lawn mowers As the name suggests, you will be the main source of power for these types of lawn mowers. Granted, this may seem like a herculean task for individuals who do not like to over exert themselves. However, the good news is, technological advancements in the design of these mowers have made them easier to operate. One of the benefits of opting for manual lawn mowers is that you do not have to worry about fuel costs for your equipment. Additionally, this is one of the more eco-friendly options you could consider, as there are no exhaust fumes being emitted into the environment. Moreover, manually operated lawn mowers tend to be the most affordable, making them a great option for people who may be shopping on a budget. Electric lawn mowers These types of lawn mowers are most suited for individuals who have a smaller yard. For corded mowers, you need to ensure that your yard is in close proximity to a power source, as the equipment will need to be plugged in to be operated. It should be noted that you need to pay close attention to the length of the power cord when you are purchasing this type of lawn mower. No matter how small your yard is, the extended movement of the mower while in use will require a long cord that will provide as much slack as possible. On the other hand, you could opt for battery operated electric mowers. These mowers are cordless but will require recharging after every use if they are to sustain power in their battery. The downside to battery-operated mowers though is that they do not have as much power as their corded counterparts do. Petrol lawn mowers There are two main designs you could choose from with petrol mowers. These include the ride-on mowers and the walk-behind mowers. Petrol operated mowers tend to have the most power when compared to their other counterparts. However, you would have to take measures to ensure they are consistently provided with fresh engine oil as well as fresh fuel, so as to prevent damage to the interior components of the mower. For more information about the types of lawn mowers available to you, contact a local...

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How to Unburden Your Air Conditioner in Super Hot Summer Temps

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Areas in Australia are experiencing record high temps during summer months, and in fact, during recent summers, Perth has maintained an average daily temperature of 25.7 degrees, the hottest temperatures in over 116 years. With temperatures so high, air conditioning units have to work harder than ever. If you want to reduce the burden on your cooling bill as the weather gets hotter, keep these tips in mind: 1. Fight the sun The sun’s rays have a massive effect on air temperatures, and if you can prevent them from reaching and affecting your home, you reduce the temperature of your home and, in turn, unburden your air conditioning unit. Make your roof more reflective by painting it a light colour, and that will help to repel the sun’s rays. Use awnings or shades to block the sun from hitting your windows, and plant trees that will eventually help to shade your home. 2. Cook outside Cooking outside is about more than just fun. It’s also more efficient. Using the oven and stove heats up your home and increases the burden on your AC. In contrast, if you cook on your barbecue, the heat stays outside, helping your home to stay cool. 3. Reduce the space you need to cool Even if you don’t live in a mansion with wings to shut down, you can still help your AC by reducing the amount of space you use in your home. Shut up guest rooms or unused floors, or consider camping in the basement (the coolest part of most homes) for the hottest weeks of the summer. Also, consider investing in a split system air conditioning unit so that you can pick and choose which areas of your home you want to be cooled. As these systems have separate thermostats, they also allow you to customise the temperature of each room as needed depending on how much sun exposure it gets and other factors. 4. Move the air Boost the efficacy of your AC by using fans to move the air. Ceiling fans or even simple box fans in doorways help to circulate cool air and make spaces feel cooler. 5. Get more control Unfortunately, a lot of energy is wasted simply because people forget to adjust their thermostats. So that you have greater control over your thermostat, install a smart thermostat. This allows you set the temperature so that it adjusts automatically, and in many cases, you can also change your setting remotely using your smartphone. For more tips on helping your AC through super hot temps, contact an air conditioning specialist from a company like ACSIS Airconditioning...

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